Let us manage it

If you have a house or a flat to rent let us manage it for you.

Other services offered:

  • Full management of student accommodation/Flats.
  • Cell to gate management (free if we manage the house).
  • Maintenance of property/garden services.
  • Water and electricity management (Included when we manage a house).
  • Cleaning services is an added expense to the owner. But we take care to keep it as low as possible.
  • We have current ties with WiFi service providers that gives us good service and rates for properties that we manage.

We currently use Rentbook for book keeping of tenants and are registered with TPN for black listing of tenants that deviate from scheduled payments.

Repairs and Maintenance

We make use of a system called FixIt to do repairs. Before anything can be fixed the tenant must first send a mail to the office. The very same mail will then be sent to the owner. It serves as proof that an issue needs to be resolved.

  • For smaller issues we will send someone to resolve it immediately.
  • For bigger issues we await the “Go Ahead” from the owner.

For more information

Please complete the online contact form, send us an e-mail or phone us on 082 309 2134 for more information.