Electricity is managed different between houses

January to the end of May we give 10% of the income of the property. June to August we will give 15%. And from September going forward we again give 10% of monthly income
Let it will buy 50% of the houses supposed income on the first working day of each month. Normally by the 13th we are finished with all calculations. We then buy according to what income we received in the current financial cycle. That’s all income from the 8th of the previous month to the 7th of the current months. So, if you paid your rent late you will not receive electricity for your rent.

But if you pay double in the next month you will receive electricity for the whole amount. Our relationship with a student is very important to us. But please understand that were not a government funded organization. We manage properties for individual people and were trying to be fair to all parties involved.

You do not have the right to buy electricity and just deduct it from your rent.

Example: The supposed income of a house is R25 000. But we only received R 21 000. We will than effectively buy electricity to the value of R 2100 only. If the house runs out of electricity all the students must each contribute to buy electricity.

Different months the properties get charged different tariffs by Centlec (We have no control over this.) It’s because of the winter and summer tariffs that we have different % for different months, you could ignore this information and not take the time to go through the links that given below.

We also have a few links on how to save electricity, please assist us to help you guys. You can thank us later.


Water is included in the rent, and because water is a “basic need “we probably will never cut it off if we go over the threshold of 7.5 % of monthly expense. But we might cut other expenses such as Wifi, Pay TV, Cleaning services and electricity to make up for excessive use. Because we do get students/people wasting allot of water through excessive washing and showering. We have decided to introduce the new washing machine token system. It’s still in the testing period, but I believe it will help all to understand the need better to save water and electricity.


  • Let It management can never be held responsible for any loss of units on any electric meter or
  • If any amount off electricity is still left on the metering mechanism.


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